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592 restorations, 4295 adoptions, 5731 children cared for, 15,575 supported for education.
Working towards finding permanent stable and secure homes where children will be loved, cared for and educated as they truly deserve.


BSSK is licensed to admit children from birth to 6 years of age. Every child admitted to BSSK comes through the Child Welfare Committee (CWC).The BPCA programme focuses on the birth parent (minor/adult), family members, and children who are either surrendered, abandoned or under temporary care. It involves counseling, investigative processes and rehabilitation (As per the JJ Act 2015/ POSCO Act ‘2012 [when the birth mother is a minor], Mental health Act [when birth mother or father is mentally ill].

The interventions of the Programme listed below are handled with extreme sensitivity, empathy, patience and understanding – Counseling

BSSK stands as a strong pillar of support with the birth mother/family in their dire time of need.

Impact to date: Restored 575 children with their birth parents out of the 5591 child admissions.


Children have the right to survive and be protected. The first six years of life, the formative years are the most crucial stage of the child’s growth and development. An individualized plan is made for every child as per their need and requirement. The children are looked after either through residential care where children of similar ages are grouped together or placed in foster homes. Each child is loved and cared for as an individual. Extreme care is taken to ensure their overall development through a host of interventions such as the following:

Efforts are made to build a strong bond of love, trust and care which allows the child an opportunity to thrive in a secure atmosphere.

Impact so far: Cared for 5591 children


“Building Families not Institutions” has always been our guiding factor. Our main objective is finding a suitable permanent home for the orphaned and destitute children. This is done through Domestic and Inter country Adoptions. BSSK follows rules, regulations and norms based on the JJ Act 2015, CARA Regulations, Court directives and agency experiences.

BSSK does its best to ensure an informed process for the prospective adoptive parents. The adoption related processes that are listed below are done systematically and with utmost transparency.

For a child who needs a family and a family who needs a child, adoption is a wonderful way of building a relationship and creating a family.

Impact to date: Placed 4195 children through adoption


Poverty results in drop-outs, destitution, juvenile delinquency and institutionalization. Therefore early education is essential for a child to have a better future. Through educational support, BSSK helps, protects and retains the child within the family. The family unit is further strengthened by support and family assistance programs.

Some of the activities carried on in this programme are as follows:

BSSK endeavors to provide opportunities to every child towards the right to education and be an able and responsible citizen.

Impact to date: Helped 15,252 children for their education Statistics provided are from 1979 till Dec 2017.


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Orphan/destitute children, often admitted frail, underweight and in need of immediate medical attention • Young unwed mothers/families in distress, not accepted by family and society – school & college students, professionals, farm workers, domestic helps etc.

Young & middle-aged couples who desire to become parents, having failed in spite of different treatments and choosing adoption as the final option or as a choice.

Vulnerable children (Preschool to XII) with the drive to be educated but belonging to underprivileged families. The parents are largely uneducated, daily wage workers and unable to provide the appropriate guidance.


Loving, caring and playing with the babies have given me tremendous joy, their smile and their innocent ways are enough to make my day. It also gives me great s…

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